Fresh Water Stingray offers numerous products and services which you can take advantage of. We can guide you throughout your buying process from a detailed information of the fish you are interested in, the type of water to have, the size and shape of the tank, the tank mates it can have, the overall design of the aquarium, the filter system that you need, and the regular maintenance to perform.

Live pets

You will never run out of stingrays when you partner with us. For water tanks of different sizes, we can provide you with a great number of stingrays. Although the choice is still yours, we will still recommend you the best tank mates that you can purchase to make your customized habitat a peaceful place to live in for your fish.

Aside from stingrays, we also have the royal blue tang, angelfish, basslets, clownfish, and other types of saltwater fish. We also have various freshwater fish like danios, platies, and gourami. If you are looking for reptiles, dogs, cats, and other kinds of pets, we also have them in the store.

Water tanks and Aquariums

You can get variety in the aquariums that you take home. If you want those simple fish bowls, we have them. If you are searching for big rectangular aquariums, we also have different sizes for your needs. For those who want to stand out and become unique compared to everybody else, you should get the customized fish tanks that we will design ourselves in order to make your dream aquarium a reality.

Filter Systems

From simple filter systems to high-end brands, we can provide them for you. The style and design of your filter system will depend on a number of factors including the tank size, type of fish, and the overall design of the aquarium. You can communicate with us to ensure that you are getting the right product for your pets.