What are Stingrays and What are their Types

While you are in your Amsterdam city trip, your itinerary may have included Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the Dam Square, or a dinner cruise in Amsterdam. It is fun to just go to an Amsterdam bike rental and explore the city. One place that intrigued me most is the Sea Life Centre, particularly, because of the stingrays.

Stingrays are beautiful creatures can be found in both saltwater and seawater. You will not miss these animals once you see them. They look very different from a normal fish. These stingrays belong to the family of sharks. They are collectively called Elasmobranchs.

These animals do not have bones in the body like what humans have. They, instead have cartilages which are flexible and soft. These parts help them glide as they swim in the water.

They may look the same but there are a lot of types of stingrays that exist.

Here are some of them:

Short Tail Stingrays

As the name implies, short tail stingrays, well, have short tails. They are also called smooth rays because their skin is smooth. They are mostly rhomboid in shape and can grow over 14 feet. Short tail stingrays live in the bottom of the water. The natural habitats of these creatures are Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

Southern Stingray

Have you seen the videos in science channels while staying on one of those Amsterdam cheap hotels wherein the stingray slightly bury themselves in the sand? Those are southern stingrays. You can mostly find them in the Caribbean and Mexico. They have a diamond shape with a white belly.

Eagle Ray

Like most stingrays, eagle rays feed on crustaceans. You can find these animals in the open ocean rather than the bottom of the sea. They have longer tails compared to other stingrays with a rhomboid body shape. The Atlantic is their normal ecological habitat.

Blue Spotted Ray

You can easily know a blue spotter ray when you see one because of its skin. This ray has beautiful round spots at the top of its body. If you are swimming on the seas of Japan and Australia, you can get a chance to meet these unique creatures.