Best Pet Shops in the World

Almost everyone I know wants to travel the world. But you know what? My ultimate dream is to go around the globe and visit the best pet shops available. I am just amazed at how unique each store is. They vary on the number of pets available, the design of the interior and exterior, as well as the types of animals that you can choose from.


Germany- Zoo Zajac

This is the biggest pet store in the world. According to Bloomberg, it has over 250 thousand animals. The owner of the store, Norbert Zajac, really loved animals. When he was eight years old, he already had 100 hamsters. He started selling them to local pet shops.

Zoo Zajac is housed in an industrial warehouse that is 130 thousand square feet. You can find more than 3000 different species inside. If you want to visit this pet store, you can go to the charming city of Duisburg, Germany.

Hong Kong- Victory Avenuestingray

Take the Hong Kong sightseeing bus and go to Victory Avenue. You can find numerous local pet shops and even chain stores like Top One. If you are a lover of pets or are looking for animal treats, you can definitely shop here. You can visit as many pet stores as you want in this side of town. See different animals and pet products to your heart’s content!

Thailand- Pet Safari

If you are in Thailand, you must see this one-of-a-kind pet store. The concept of the store is the same as a theme park. You will really enjoy the place as it displays over 14,000 products for all your pet needs. If you are not sure what to buy, the ever-reliable consultants are present to help you decide on your buy.

US- PetCo

PetCo is one of the leading brands when it comes to pet supplies. You can shop for your dog, cat, bird, reptile, fish, and other small pets. PetCo is situated in different parts of the US like California, Maryland, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.  Traveling around the US can also be fun when you book for the New York hop on hop off tour package.  Make sure you did a quick research for those offers online.

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